A Word on Kitchens and How they are like Dogs

Before I begin to post tales of my specifically “culinary” adventures, I want to preface with a tidbit from my high-and-mighty library of personal life theories.

In participar, this one: that your kitchen should be like your dog.

A kitchen should be obedient to you, but also your best friend.  Your kitchen is personal.  It follows your rules, whatever they may be.  Tell it to roll over, and it does, even though it looks silly.  But it also makes quiet suggestions.  Flavorless curry?  Try this kosher salt in my left cupboard.  It also consoles.  Feeling down in the dumps?  Try the booze in my fridge.

To supplement, another analogy: cooking is an art.*  It’s like art in that even art that you and everyone else in the world thinks is ugly, is still art.  And one piece of art doesn’t say anything about what the next piece of art you make is going to look like.  You could make the first look like a fart and the second like a grand jeté.  Whatever you want!

Basically, what I’m trying to say here is that I believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered in their own kitchen.  A recipe is just a suggestion.  In fact it could probably be improved.  Please feel free to experiment.  If you don’t have one thing, use another.  Who cares?

You are your kitchen’s master.

*Baking is stupid.


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