My Cooking Philosophy

Unfortunately or fortunately there is no single buzzword to encapsulate my dietary standards for easily delivery through ever-growing fad-literacy. The best I can muster to describe it is healthy, honest, whole, home cooking.

For the most part, these recipes and my ingredients:

  • Are inspired by seasonality.
  • Are local whenever possible.
  • Are fair trade when local is not possible.
  • Focus on plants.
  • Prioritize nutrient density.
  • Highlight local, small-scale pastured meats and sustainable seafood.
  • Call for healthy cooking methods.
  • Avoid nasty processed ingredients and likely universal allergens (such as white flour, sugar, refined oils and fats, food additives, conventional dairy products, GMOs, etc.).

In designing recipes, I endeavor to explore the culinary, agricultural, and ecological history of the ingredients. I love to delve into the figurative roots of foods: where did it come from, how did it evolve, how does it grow, and why it’s good for us. Often, I try to recreate dishes that celebrate the heritage of a particular food item. If I find a beautiful Japanese cultivar of squash at the farmers’ market, there’s a good chance I’m going to try to find a traditional Japanese recipe to use it in!

Most of my recipes are quite simple. Some take a bit more time and investment. That being said, I’m not a trained chef, nor would I consider myself some sort of self-made Julia Child. There is nothing on this blog you can’t handle.

Food isn’t perfect, nor should it be so. I have no desire to inflate or over-promise with intimidatingly gorgeous, professional photographs (OK well maybe I wouldn’t mind a few of those). I don’t have a $2,000 camera (this might be nice too) or a south-facing window with white curtains (well…) or a curated selection of charmingly mismatched dishes to photograph things on (yeah, really all of these things would be nice but hey). I use what I have (an iPhone and a gaggle of rag tag inherited tableware) to share my food adventures with others.

I only hope to inspire you to spend time with your food. To know the people the grow it, understand the story behind it, and be confident making it. I know sometimes it’s hard to find the time to cook on a daily basis, but I seriously believe that there is almost nothing more important to prioritize than food. It is a universal need, and the only one for which quality plays a vital role. For without food, we can’t survive…but with shitty food, we may as well not.

So if this blog inspires you to do anything, I hope it is to make a commitment to get out to your local farmers’ market or farmstand; ask your farmer questions (or even better, go out and visit them!); buy some vegetables and maybe a bit of pastured meat, sustainable seafood, or grass-fed dairy; go home and cook some wholesome, simple food. Feed yourself. Your friends. Your family.

And read my posts about sustainability too.

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Recipes by Season

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