About Emily

Philadelphia born-and-raised, I’m your run-of-the-mill 20-something sporting a good-for-nothing-but-renaissance-talk ivy league liberal arts degree that probably cost way more than it was worth, lost in a world in which – who would’ve guessed – one is behooved by a sense of vocation. So here I am. Trying to figure my shit out.

These are things I like:

  • growing food
  • making food
  • eating food
  • traveling and doing the above
  • farmers (and their markets)
  • yoga
  • thinking (and trying harder to not think)
  • a good debate
  • beer, wine, & cider of the artisan variety
  • canning & preserving
  • fermenting
  • books
  • music
  • crossword puzzles
  • knowing-it-all

Expect word on these things here.

Contact me.