Topics in Tradition

As I think about roots (what they might look like, the purpose they serve, and why I feel disconnected from my own), it’s becoming increasingly clear that strong roots are a product of strong tradition. I mean, it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Without tradition, our lives would be as shaky as…as…:

Unfortunately, over the past generation or two, tradition seems to have flown the coop in the face of a new knowledge base that resides squarely in the hands of industry. These days, we rely on these external sources for information, entertainment, and work. With communities out of the picture, people struggle alone, desperately clinging to magazines, television, social media, blogs (yup, blogs), anything they can get their hands on to feel like they understand the world around them. Problem is, the political economic complex has an interest in keeping folks wanting – nay, needing – more. They constantly change the story, inventing new trends, finding new niches, telling new truths. And we’re left feeling helpless. Never quite sure if what we know today will be true tomorrow. It’s disconcerting!

That’s why I want to explore, highlight, and celebrate the true community-based traditions that remain in this world. From cuisines to holidays to crafts to rituals to dress, I hope to share stories of humanity and inspire us (myself included) to treasure what tradition we have left.

Follow my journey into tradition here.


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